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Powerful Rechargeable High Speed Table Desk Fan

Powerful Rechargeable High Speed Table Desk Fan

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Rechargeable Folding Telescopic Table Fan

Rechargeable built-in battery, lightweight, easy to carry, multi-function application, stretchable height, multiple ways of use as one: countertop + floor + storage integrated fan.


  • FOLDED FAN – 9 cm
  • TABLE FAN – 26 cm
  • PEDESTAL FAN – 36 cm                                                                                                  

Looking for something that will keep you cool anytime, anywhere? 🤔 ❄️


Your ultimate cooling companion for any setting. Beat the heat effortlessly with our portable fan - compact design and powerful performance, keeping you refreshed and revitalized wherever you are.



🎒 Portable & Foldable

Fold it, pack it, and take it anywhere! CoolPro™ is your travel buddy, fitting snugly in your bag for instant relief whenever you need it. 


🔋 Rechargeable

Say goodbye to batteries! CoolPro™ runs on a rechargeable battery, giving you up to five hours of uninterrupted cooling bliss. 


🔄 180° Rotation

Enjoy optimal cooling from every angle! QuickCool™'s 180-degree rotation ensures you're covered wherever you are. 🌀💨


Four Speed Levels

Customize your chill with four wind levels - Breeze Wind, Soft Wind, Natural Wind, and Strong Wind - for the perfect cooling experience every time. 

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